Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain Will Not Go Away On Its Own

Back pain is very common and some people who experience it, tries to self-medicate by using anti-inflammatory drugs. Using medication to treat your back pain will only mask your pain, not treat the actual cause of the pain. Here at Tabick Specific Chiropractic in Brooklyn, we encourage people who have acute or chronic back pain to have their symptoms evaluated by our chiropractor, Dr. Tabick. There are instances where back pain can be an indicator of a serious condition. It's also important to note, persistent back pain will not go away on its own. Here is some information about back pain and how our chiropractor can treat it non-invasively and drug free through chiropractic care. 

Back Pain

The Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can appear as an acute condition or as a chronic condition. In cases where back pain is classified as acute, the pain can last a short period of time, however, the pain can be intense. In terms of chronic back pain, people experience it for a much longer duration of time and its intensity can either increase or decrease. It should also be noted that back pain can appear with other conditions, which is one of the reasons why it is so important to have your back evaluated as soon as you can.

Some of the most common causes of back pain include muscle strains, discogenic back pain, spinal stenosis, lumbar spine arthritis, and osteoporosis. Generally, some muscle strains can be fairly benign and can be treated easily with short-term treatment plans. In terms of conditions like discogenic back pain, lumbar spine arthritis, spinal stenosis, and osteoporosis, these conditions are considered chronic conditions and require long-term back pain treatment to manage them.

How Our Chiropractor in Brooklyn Treats Back Pain

Our chiropractor’s main concern is helping patients alleviate their pain. Dr. Tabick takes careful notes in regards of the patient’s previous and current medical conditions. Our chiropractor will conduct a full evaluation to locate the root cause of your acute or chronic back pain. After determining the cause of your pain, he will then make a back pain treatment plan that is customized to your specific needs. Usually, patients who are seen by our chiropractor may receive an adjustment on their first visit. Dr. Tabick uses chiropractic techniques to help realign the spine and alleviate the pressure that may be on nerves or disc.

Don't Delay Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is common, however, it should never be debilitating. If you are experiencing back pain that is hindering your daily activities that you enjoy, you need to have your condition evaluated as soon as possible. Our team here at Tabick Specific Chiropractic in Brooklyn may be able to help relieve the source of your pain with our chiropractic care. To learn more about how our chiropractor can treat your back pain or to find out more about what we can do to help you with our other services, give us a call today at 718-745-8177.

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